Indie Moroccan Alternative Rock Band Firar, formerely know as Hinder Minds, have just released their very first single “A7lam”. With the band’s new identity, they confirm their musical orientation that we already knew to sing in Moroccan Dialect “Darija” and gradually give up English.

It’s also a way for the band to announce their new musical path, somewhere between Alternative Rock and Progressive Metal. “A7lam”, meaning “Deams” in moroccan dialect, is the first title released since these changes, and it is also the first Music Video of the band, which was shot in the premises of Boultek in Casablanca, and directed by Hicham Sabri.

Two things immediately struck me when I listened to the song and compared it to what I already knew about Ex Hinder Minds: it’s the integration of Electro parts, found at the beginning of the song. and later during the bridge, and also guitar riffs that are heavier and slower than usual.

A new and rather successful birth for Firar, hoping that this Moroccan Alternative Rock Band will not be limited to this single and that they have other pieces under the mantle.