Our story started a bit randomly, in May 2015, after discovering with great surprise the existence of a real underground music scene in Morocco. But it was almost impossible to find any information about these local talents on the internet, and even less in the so-called “mainstream” media.

This is when the Amplify project was born

With one mission :
To highlight the underground musical creation in Morocco, and the Moroccan diaspora throughout the world, and to constantly support these artists who have so much to offer and so much to tell us.

No fancy means, no big structure, but a lot of passion and good will, from volunteers who have at heart to work for the promotion of Art, and music in particular.

A few years later, our team have produced more than a hundred articles and videos from concerts whose performances have long remained unrecorded and undocumented. And the project is not only about Morocco anymore, but about the latest and finest Indie and Alternative Music all over the world.

On Amplify

You will find the latest indie and alternative music created by independent and underground artists coming from all over the world. Video clips, EPs, Albums, you name it. You will also find videos of concerts, as well as reviews and critiques.

If you are looking for new sounds, and the best that the Indie and Alternative music scene has to offer, you are in the right place. If not, you're welcome to join anyway. is a participatory project, and if you think a piece of music should be featured on our site, please let us know. If you are an artist, booker or manager, feel free to contact us either.