Lazywall Blood on Blood live version is something to see and hear. They have recorded their song from LP “Aporia’s Bane” during a live session which took place in their own Studio in Tangier. They appear in their new version with Monz on the rythmic guitar, Moncef on the drums and Richie on the percussions. The band is therefore complete with Nao on the bass / hajhouj / vocals, Youssef taking care of lead guitar and Younes playing the traditionnal Oud.

This is clearly the best Live Video that Lazywall have recorded so far and it sounds and looks very promissing for the future. The image and the sound are just superb. I can’t wait for the next recordings and let’s hope that this will inspire other bands to do the same!

Lazywall Blood on Blood Live at Dominos Studios : 

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