What is great about Lazywall is that they always try new stuff. They experiment with their sound, and all the graphic art that surrounds their rock music universe.

We’ve already seen plenty of live sessions from them. The last in date being the awesome “Blood on Blood” that we’ve already covered in a previous article.

But this time, Lazywall decided to go to the next level with a 360° video, shot in their very own Dominos Studios in their hometown of Tangier.

I think it is safe to declare that Lazywall are the very first musical artists to attempt shooting a 360° music video in Morocco. The sound is great and the acoustic musical arrangement very convincing.

Check out the rock song “Superficial” from their 2008 album / compilation “Restart”.

Superficial :

I Raise my Hand :

C.L.A.B :

Cold Enemy :

If you want to discover more about Lazywall, you can read our full review of their album “Square Mind in Round Heads”, released in 2015.