The Paper Sessions by OCB are back again this year. Another great edition with more talented underground and indie musical artists. The first one to open the ball for this season is no less than Electro Soul singer Laskaar.

Laskaar’s Performance at the Paper Sessions – Live Session :

Born and raised in Switzerland, Laskaar has evolved in a multi cultural familly. This environment gave him the ability to express himself in English as well as in Spanish.

In this Live Performance, he plays four previously unreleased tracks of his repertoire. Laskaar has a very personal Electro Soul Style. It finds its roots in Old School Afro-American music such as R&B, Soul and Gospel, blended with a touch of 80’s pop music and more modern electro beats and melodies. “When I play music, i don’t think in terms of styles, because i want to be free” says Laskaar regarding his approach of music creation.

Let’s check out the complete live session :

A Few Words with Electro Soul singer Laskaar – Interview :

The teams at OCB Paper Sessions have managed to take a few moments with him to record an interview. They asked Laskaar not only about his life and Electro Soul music, but also on one of his topics of interest : Fashion. “I’m very interested in The Slow Fashion Mouvement. It allowed me to become aware of this problematic.  Since I’ve been living in New York, i buy only second hand clothes”.

Surely, the Paper Sessions will be back soon with new music and new artists. This year, several performances will take place in venues closer to nature. If you want to stay up to date with their news, and don’t want to miss their next recorded concerts, you can visit them on their Youtube Channel, Instagram Account, or Facebook Page

If you liked Laskaar and his Electro Soul vibe, and especially his modern oriental vibes,  we definitly recommend you to check out Malca. He is a promissing Electro Pop Artist coming from Morocco in North Africa. Here is one his Music Videos : Casablanca Jungle