The OCB Paper Sessions are back with some more cool music for our ears. After Laskaar’s Eletro Soul performance in 2019, it is now time to discover French Rap Band Triplego coming all the way from the 93 in France.


Sanguee (vocals) and MoMo (production) were born and raised in France. However, their musical background finds its roots in Arabic Music and North African traditional music such as Chaabi, Gnaoua. Consequently, they mix these influences with Rap and Electronic music to create their own style.

Triplego made their music debut in 2013. They started mixing their lyrics with electronic music while they were classmates in the suburbs of Montreuil, La Seine Saint Denis. Moreover, they ended up creating their own label, Twareg.

Urban music in the middle of nowhere :

This time, Paper Sessions by OCB takes us on a trip to the overwhelming desert of Merzouga (Morocco). In theses landscapes the music resonates with the golden dunes in the background and the blue sky above.

French Rap Band Triplego plays freely and naturally their songs “Panama”, “Morenita” and “Codé” for a unique performance. They reaffirm the vision of music synonymous with escape from the city and other issues.


The desert is the perfect scene to connect the cultural mix of their native Montreuil, their Maghreb origins (Algerian, Egyptian and Moroccan) and their eclectic music based on rap, electro, Chaâbi reminiscences and reggaeton inspirations, among others .

Triplego’s music is a pure metamorphosis which obeys one rule: stay true to themselves, be spontaneous. Here are the three songs that they have performed right in the Sahara Desert. The contrast between the Urban and Modern music of French Rap band Triplego, and the purity of the Nature around will blow your mind.

CODé :

The story behind the band and their music :

In this short Interview, they give us some more insights about their history, and the philosophy behind their music and lifestyle.