After the single “She Gets Too High”, released in summer 2015, and “Ya Layli”, released just a year later, Malca brings us some more Electro Pop Music goodness with “Casablanca Jungle”. The song will feature in his next EP scheduled for November 17th, 2017.

In terms of music, this tune is pretty similar to the previous two. Indeed, “Casablanca Jungle” is a mix of Electro Pop Music integrating sounds borrowed from popular Moroccan Culture (Chaabi) but also from Pop music from the 80s and 90s and African-American music.

Malca is keeping up with the good momentum. He is moving away as he goes from his early days in Morocco’s underground and indie Rock scene. In the mean time, he is also moving away from his first steps in France in the Pop Rock universe.

The Music Video is as colorful as the previous ones, and deliberately “Kitsch”. The colours are pretty vivid which creates an interesting paradox between a certain vision of Moroccan youth, and the stereotypes of big budget mainstream Pop Music.

We can easily perceive the genuine love that Malca has for his country and his hometown, Casablanca. Indeed, he is eager to show Moroccan culture in a good light, or in any case in another light. There is also a touch of fantasy and of nostalgia.

Malca usually pays tribute to Moroccan and Arab women in General. In “Casablanca Jungle”, he also pays tribute to the Youth of Casablanca. The video paints their strong desire to live and seize the day despite the possible difficulties. Indeed, growing up in a developing country like Morocco can be a challenge. In Malca’s vision, they keep smiling and mixing while they are building their way in this real urban jungle that Casa has become.