Moroccan Artist RapBoy, from Rabat, has embarked on an ambitious project. It is the first time that 18 Rap Music Videos are released in Morocco 18 days in a row. The whole will form what he calls a “Visual Album” or a Mixtape called “T7T LARD” (Translation: Under the Ground).

RapBoy has produced the Mixtape himself, writing and mixing sounds included. All Rap Music Videos address social issues in Morocco such as the song “Chiffor” where he tells the daily life of a Taxi driver or “K7al Rass” where he interprets a character who does not succeed in Morocco and travels illegally in Europe and also fail there.

Other tracks like “Yamat” or “Therapy” are more personal and talk about memories, or reflections on life.

The songs within the Mixtape have different colors, ranging from old-school to more modern Rap. RapBoy announced 4 featuring with RaiDLyrik and Emwan, HMD or Mistah-Vee, from the V-Mic group.

RapBoy will Broadcast the different Music Videos on the his official YouTube channel starting from from December 24th;

I share with you “Wa Sat”, an extract from the mixtape # T7tlard. You can also check out the whole playlist.