Check out this video of Rock band Barathon Lane Concert Live at L’Boulevard 2017. The song is called “The Wrath of Eli”, and is yet to be recorded on an album or an EP.

Barathon Lane Concert Clip – The Wrath of Eli :

If you liked Barathon Lane, you might want to read our full review of their debut album “Lush” released in 2015.

Credits for the video go to :

Image – Youness Broury, Sabrina Hakim, Raja Saddiki

Assistant Image – Abdessamad Nouidrate

Chargée de production – Hasna Saadani

Montage – Raja Saddiki

Prise de son – Marc Voisin-kirsch

Mixage son – Patrice

Graphisme – Ayoub Normal, Saïd Ougdachi